A prize of R$ 1 thousand in free cryptomoedas will be given to those who agree what the price of Bitcoin will be on December 30, 2020.

Getting a prediction of what the price of Bitcoin will be at the end of 2020 is not an easy task, but it can yield free cryptomorphs in a ‚pocket‘ promoted by the BitPrice marketplace.

According to the rules of the promotion disclosed in the BitPrice profile in Instagram, the winner of the prize will be considered the one who hits the price of Bitcoin Bank on December 30, 2020.

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With entries valid until December 25th, it is necessary to follow some steps to validate the forecast for the price of Bitcoin on the ticket, which can result in an award of R$ 1 thousand in cryptomoedas for free.

Free cryptomycins at Christmas

BitPreço wants to know what will be the price of Bitcoin on the penultimate day of the year, and is promoting a sweepstake that intends to offer $ 1 thousand in cryptomoedas for free, for those who get the forecast right.

With the Bitcoin price around R$ 121 thousand in the market today, the BitPreço’s prize was launched even before cryptomoeda broke the recent historical price record.

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According to the promotion divulged by the marketplace in Instagram, the prize of free cryptomoedas will be paid in stablecoins, more precisely in CBRLs. The participants can send their forecasts until 11:59 pm, Christmas Day.

Bitcoin Predictor

With only three days to go before the BitPrice contest ends, to participate in the promotion you must initially follow the marketplace profile in Instagram. After that, the user must take a print out of the image that talks about the contest, available in the BitPreço profile.

Thus, it is in this ‚print‘ image that the participant must insert the guess for the Bitcoin price on December 30, 2020. Soon after placing the edited value on the image of the promotion, the file must be shared in the participant’s profile, through the feed.

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Besides, you can’t forget to mark the BitPrice profile on the shared image to validate the participation on the Bitcoin price. It is through this shared image in the profile that the guess will be validated by BitPreço, which will distribute R$ 1 thousand in cryptomoedas for free to the winner of the promotion.

BitPreço’s prize offers R$ 1 thousand in free cryptomoedas (Reproduction/Instagram)

According to the company, the forecast on the price of Bitcoin should take into account the time of 12h of December 30th, 2020. If more than one person gets the forecast right, the prize of US$ 1 thousand cryptomoedas for free offered by the auction will be divided among the winners.

On the other hand, if no participant adjusts Bitcoin price at the end of 2020, will win the prize who gets closer to the cryptomoeda value. Remembering that this value can not exceed the amount of $ 500, „either up or down“.

„In case nobody gets the exact value, the prize will be paid to who gets closer to the value, with the variation of R$ 500,00 up or down. In case more than one person gets it right, the value of the prize of 1.000 CBRL will be divided among them equally“.