The decentralized exchange Uniswap has raised $ 500 million in its governance fund. And now he asks the community what would be the best way to spend this amount …

Uniswap wonders how to spend $ 500 million

Uniswap creator Hayden Adams took to the community on Twitter. He explains that these 500 million are only part of the funds that are intended for the governance of the project :

„Approximately 500 million UNI have been designed s Community treasure governance, on a basis of $ 4 billion in total (based on the current price). What are the most impactful ways of allocating these UNIs on the part of governance? Think big. “

As a reminder, the Uniswap governance token has only existed since September 2020. 43% of the tokens are intended for the governance of the project and for the community treasury mentioned by Hayden Adams. These funds are then redistributed through various programs to finance the development of Bitcoin Code.

An anthology of answers

The crypto community has of course not hesitated to let its preferences know on Twitter. Several users have called for a new UNI airdrop , like the one that took place last September. Others would like to see the development team grow larger , in order to accelerate Uniswap’s growth.

Among the other possibilities mentioned, we will also mention the holding of a bug hunt with a consequent reward in UNI at the key. We should also note the participation of Cihan Oztunc of the New York Stock Exchange, who recommends that Uniswap found a venture capital company in order to invest in new crypto projects.

The UNI is experiencing a sharp increase and exceeds its ATH

UNI has also benefited from the altcoin bull run in recent weeks. Having fallen like all the markets around January 10, it has been growing steadily since then, and exceeded its record level yesterday , with an asset that approached 10 dollars:

Over one week, this corresponds to an increase of + 99 % . UNI’s market cap now exceeds $ 2 billion. The exchange Uniswap also continues to experience an influx of users, with an exchange volume of $ 900 million over 24 hours according to data from CoinGecko.